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'Visually stunning and technically accurate, renowned within the marine, energy industries, museum and private collectors'

‘Robert has established himself amongst the premier maritime painters of our time. Robert’s work has been commissioned by many shipping companies and international organizations and his work can be found worldwide in numerous museum, private and Royal collections. In over twenty years painting, Robert has been recognized not only by peers, collectors and appreciators, and in the immortalisation of his works in postal stamps, but also by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Majesty the Duke of Edinburgh.

Whilst many an artist will lean on licence, Robert’s works are not only fascinating for their technical accuracy, but for also for how true to life they portray their subject, from the number of lifeboats to the curve of a hull down to the balcony rail placement. It will become apparent to you as you immerse yourself in his work that the effect is made even more impressive through the deft manner in which the light, sea conditions and skyscape are so painstakingly and effectively portrayed.  Whether the product of his early days living by the sea or just a keen eye, such is the degree of realism that you can almost feel the wind and spray on your face as the impressive vessel in front of you cuts through the waves. It is this attention to detail that makes Robert’s works even more compelling’

Captain Kevin Oprey, Master Queen Mary 2.

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