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Over many years I have received a large number of art commissions for old cargo ships for the British Merchant Navy and others around the world. Commissioned paintings have always proven extremely popular for private, corporate and museum collections globally. Below is just a small selection of oil paintings of classic and historical merchant ships.

Union Castle ship sailing from London, oil on canvas painting
A New Zealand Shipping Company vessel arriving in London, oil on canvas painting
Apapa at anchor, West Africa, oil on canas painting
Clan MacIness  sailing from port, oil on canvas painting
Ben Lines Benstac discharging cargo in th 1960's, oil on canvas painting
Alfred Holt's Calchas in Belfast Lough  oil on cavas painting
SS. Eleanor on the River Mersey, oil on canvas painting
Bulk carrier Stalo V viewed from the air, oil on canvas painting
Blue Funnel Memnon approaching Singapore in moonlight oil on canvas painting
City of Exeter at Capetown, oil on cavas painting
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