Modern cargo ships make popular subjects for paintings for shipowners, managers, builders and charterers. Whether a traditional oil painting on canvas for a boardroom, a large and striking large scale painting for reception or public space or as a gift for a ships christening.

MT Brazos at New York, Diamond S. Shipping. USA, oil on cavas painting 25x35 inches
Penelope I anchored in English Bay, Vancouver. Oil on canva painting by Robert G Lloyd
The VLCC Kondor sailing from her builders in China, oil on canvas paintng by Robert G Lloyd
Waterfront Shipping Mari Jone in New Zealand, oil paintng on canvas by Robert G Lloyd Thome Shipmanagement, Singapore
MT. Charles Eddie on the River Seine. Oil painting on canvas by Rober G Lloyd, Oak Steamship Company, Hong Kong
Guadalupe in the Gulf of Mexico
VLCC Neptune Glory, oil on canvas painting 35x45 inches by Robert G Lloyd
Loading coal at Ust Luga, Russia
COSCO Glory at Vlissingen, oil painting on canvas by Robert G Lloyd