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Two new original paintings now available

Painting sold at auction to raise funds for the SS. United States Conservancy

 'SS United States painting 'Early Morning Arrival' donated for auction together with a signed print raises over $6000'. 

Sketch sold at auction for over $2000 to raise funds for the SS. United States Conservancy

'Framed artist's sketch of the SS United States, donated for this auction by renowned maritime artist Robert Lloyd. The sketch raised $2,070 for America's Flagship'

United States framed Sketch.jpg
In Deep Water Book Cover final.jpg

‘In Deep Water’ is a stunning collection of visually stunning and technically accurate paintings from the portfolio of World-renowned Marine Artist Robert G. Lloyd.

The paintings depict ships and the sea, from sailing vessels, yachts to classic ocean liners, modern day cruise ships to giant oil tankers and containerships. Each painting is exquisitely detailed and a marvel of painting skill.

His work is in the collections of some of the biggest shipping companies, global corporations, museum, private and Royal collections around the World.

‘In Deep Water’ follows on from the highly successful, sold out and much sought-after book ‘All at Sea’ and is a must for anyone with an interest in ships or the sea.


book 1.jpg
All At Sea book cover.jpg
World's Merchant Navy Book Cover.jpg
British Merchant Navy Book Cover.jpg

I am sure you will discover this for yourself in this excellent collection of Robert’s works, I do so with a final thought. Great ships have a limited life sailing the world’s oceans, resigned to be remembered only by the generation that witnesses their service. A talented artist bridges the historic and the current, and through their work, offer resurrection and sustainment. Ships that might otherwise have been slowly lost to time and memory are now immortalised in pencil and paint. Be it through the eyes of our children and grandchildren, or those that come after, these great ships are once again the subject of the same marvel and wonder that enthralled us as mariners, passengers and bystanders all those years before, their brilliance never to be lost.


Captain Kevin Oprey, Master Queen Mary 2.

Reviews for ‘All At Sea – The Maritime Art of Robert G. Lloyd’

‘This book deals with the ships of many countries and not just UK ships as in his previous book.

Over 65 ships are illustrated most with a full-page painting but a few are of a smaller size. Each ship has2 pages one for the illustration and the other gives details of the owning company, history and reminiscence’s from those that knew the ship.

Well written and researched while the illustrations can only be described as magnificent’


‘I have a collection of Maritime books and Robert Lloyd is a master of his craft, I can only recommend anyone to buy it’


‘What a beauty this book is. Robert Lloyd really has done amazing work and this book showcases the magnificent paintings in a beautifully constructed format. Absolutely love it!’


‘Brilliant book, he has captured the way the ships actually looked rather than an artist’s impression. Recommended for any lover of ships and the sea’


Reviews for ‘World’s Merchant Navy’ – Images and Recollections

‘Brilliant book with excellent oil paintings a must for any ex/present merchantman or anyone interested in the subject.
I served in the Merchant Navy during the late 60s and early 70s, sailing on vessels belonging to Reardon Smith and the Bank Line, my first ship the Welsh City was my first ship and I served on her for two years between 1968 and 1970 and I have lost all my photographs of this beautiful cargo ship and I have tried to find a suitable picture of her without success,
In this book there is a marvellous oil painting and photography of her doing sea trails in 1968 off the coast of Glasgow.
Well recommended’


‘Maritime Excellence!!’

‘This book cannot be bettered with atmospheric highly detailed pictures capturing our maritime heritage. Each picture tells its own story yet is fully supported with excellent text and a tale from a crew member or someone associated with the ship. An outstanding buy’


‘A wonderful book!’


Reviews for ‘British Merchant Navy’ – Images and Experiences


‘Purchased this book as a birthday present for an elderly gentleman who served in the merchant navy as a young man. Wonderful artwork and nice short passages giving a history of each vessel. He loved it!’


‘This book published in 2002 is the first of 2 books by the author. The other entitled "The Worlds Merchant Ships” was published in 2005.

The book deals only with UK ships. Over 50 are illustrated with a full-page picture. The other of the 2 pages allotted to each ship covers the ships flag or pennant, a history of the company that owns the ship, an account of the life of the ship and a small black and white picture of the vessel.

The paintings can only be described as magnificent -the author certainly has a great talent’

‘Highly recommended!’

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